What Coffee is in Our Cupboard and What Are We Drinking?

Join us as we drink some coffee and talk about what coffees are in our cupboard. Sounds exciting, right?

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Coffee (and Particularly Decaf Coffee) and Liver Health

When we think of coffee, we usually think of caffeine and the effects it has on our health. Caffeine is the number one-consumed psychoactive drug worldwide, and its benefits to our health have in probably the last ten years been advanced in multiple tests. Three of the most recent research has shown a relationship between caffeinated coffee and reduced risk of liver cancer, liver fibrosis and fatty liver. Since about 83% of American adults drink coffee, this is definitely good news for most of us (and Starbucks).

Keep Your Employees Happy With a Good Coffee

Never underestimate what coffee can do. The secret to happy, loyal employees may just lie at the bottom of a great cup of coffee.

11 Secrets to Brewing Perfect Organic Turkish Coffee Using Your Ibrik (and Fortune Telling)

Have you ever tried to brew Turkish coffee? Here are my eleven secrets to Brewing Perfect Organic Turkish coffee using your Ibrik each time, with a side note about fortune telling!

Your Coffee Can Say a Lot About You

If you are a coffee drinker, you may want to re-think how you consume that cup of Joe! A recent study by a well-known Los Angeles’ psychologist found that much can be said of a person’s personality by how they drink their coffee.

Different Coffee Traditions Around the World

Coffee is right up there at the top of the world’s favorite drink list and requires no introduction. Read on to learn more about this topic.

Using Organic, Free Trade, Coarsely Ground Coffee Beans and Your French Press With Filtered Water

Brewing coffee using a French Press is easier than you’ve heard. Follow these instructions for a perfect cup!

Understanding Decaf Coffee and How It Is Made

Decaf coffee is the decaffeination of coffee. In other words, there is no caffeine in this coffee. Decaffeination is achieved by processing the beans in a different way. The decaffeination process is undertaken while the beans are green, before the roasting. But do keep in mind here that not all types of beans can be decaffeinated

Coffee Accessories for Great Espresso

Lovers of espresso like to think of the beverage as coffee taken to its most sublime level. Whether or not this is true, espresso is best enjoyed when properly brewed and perfectly served.

Coffee Brewing Methods

There are many different ways to prepare coffee at home. Read on to learn more about this topic.

Espresso (Foam) Art

Espresso foam art takes a while to master but it’s well worth the effort. Read on to find more about this topic.

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