What Are The Dimensions of the Contigo West Loop Autoseal 16oz Travel Mug

The Contigo West Loop Autoseal Travel Mug is probably the most popular insulated travel mug you can buy today I do own it and my wife and I use it all the time but it’s not my favorite. I am partial to the Stainless King by Thermos but that’s another topic all together.

Contigo makes a few different versions of this travel mug. In this video I feature the 16 ounce tumbler. It’s the newer version with the “easy clean” lid.

In case you didn’t watch the video it stands exactly 7 13/16″ tall with the lid on.

If you remove the lid the mug stands 6 11/16″ tall. For those with single serve coffee makers your coffee mug opening needs to be at least this tall to fit this mug under it. Unfortunately many openings are 6 ¾” so make sure to measure carefully to see if this will fit under your machine.

The mug is designed to fit in most standard cup holders. The base is 2 ½”wide and the widest point of the middle of the mug is 2 ¾” wide. The widest point of the lid is 3 ½” wide spanning the space between the drinking hole and the button.

This mug is very well insulated but it’s not perfect and it’s not the best at keeping drinks hot. You can see this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gvq6h2b6uWI) to see how it compares against a few other popular mugs. After 8+ hours the West Loop mug performed really good and keeping boiling water hot but the Stainless King performed obviously better.

You can read more about this comparison over on my blog: https://www.topoffmycoffee.com/best-travel-mug-to-keep-coffee-hot/

Contigo also makes a Keurig branded travel mug. The Keurig West Loop mug is exactly the same dimensions as this one and will not really fit well under their machines and it certainly won’t fit under the Keurig mini coffee makers.

To see some good options for shorter travel mugs for single serve coffee makers see the following video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4lfGjEaJ0U

The best part of this mug is obviously the autoseal feature. If you hate having to manually close your mug up then this is awesome. You can’t leave it in the open position. This really means it will not spill on you ever. You are also not going to have any leaks either unless you damage the seal or lid in some way. Considering how durable the lid is this is unlikely to happen under normal circumstances.

Looking for more specs or information? See the West Loop 16oz mug on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DJ5OUHW/?tag=tomcpyt-20

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