Unboxing The New Keurig K-Supreme

Wonder what you get in the box with your new Keurig K-Supreme? In this video I show you exactly what you get. Then, in the coming days I’ll be adding a few new videos to the channel comparing this k-cup machine to the older models like the K-Mini Plus, K-Duo Plus, and the newer K-Slim just to name a few.

In the mean time you can see pricing on the K-Supreme Plus through the following Amazon affiliate link: https://www.amazon.com/Keurig-K-Supreme-MultiStream-Technology-Programmable/dp/B0892TYT2M/?tag=tomcpyt-20

The link to my text review of this machine on my site is still to come as I’m still testing this coffee maker out. Look for that to come out soon.

Coffee and Politics

Coffee and Politics. Does one have anything to do with the other?

A Guide To Organic Coffee

Coffee farmers have been using harmful chemicals and pesticides while cultivating coffee to enhance the productivity of coffee. However, the coffee, which is produced without using any chemicals are termed as organic coffee. It involves manual effort to grow the coffee in a natural way. Consumption of organic coffee is better than the regular one because it is completely free from traces of chemicals.

How Is Coffee Decaffeinated?

Here we discuss about the diverse processes by which caffeine can be removed from coffee, making it a healthier drink. The general process of decaffeinating begins with roasting the green beans of coffee, followed by rinsing with a solvent that removes caffeine from the beans keeping other ingredients intact within the beans.

How Roasting Enhances The Smell And Taste Of Coffee Beans

Roasting not only improves the smell and taste but removes toxins from the beans. Here you can learn about home roasting and various methods of commercial roasting.

4 Tips for the Absolute Best Cup of Coffee

Most people get up in the morning, spoon coffee grounds into their drip pot, add water and turn on the machine. They drink their coffee, rinse out the pot and never give the process another thought. While this method will give you a drinkable cup of something that contains caffeine, the results are nowhere near what a great cup of coffee should taste like. Take some tips from coffee experts and find out what great coffee truly tastes like.

How To Make Easy Espresso At Home

Everyone loves to go hang out at the coffee shops or drop by on the way to work, but with tighter budgets and rising costs, learning to make espresso at home can not only save you a bunch of money, but you will find it is easier than you thought and will probably even taste better. Let me share with you some tips, and then a short recipe on great espresso from home.

3 Quick Tips On How To Clean Your Coffee Maker

I have gone over to friends’ homes, and when it comes time for a cup of coffee, I have had to say “no thank you.” Keeping your coffee maker clean is not only needed for a good cup of coffee, it is also a health issue. It looks gross and it can taste gross. Do yourself a favor and follow these tips on cleaning your coffee maker.

K-Cups Coffee Experience

During 1992, the invention K-cups were a breakthrough in coffee brewing invented and patented by the Keurig Company. Its purpose was to be able to hold and brew one cup of coffee, tea, or chocolate. It is an essential invention that is also designed to be in coffee makers that can hold a single serving unit for brewing.

3 Tips For A Better Cup of Coffee

Anyone can make a cup of coffee. But, making a great cup of coffee requires a little more thought and doing a couple of extras. This article is about what you can do to make a better cup of coffee for you, your family, and your friends.

Giving The Bean A Right Roasting

When the raw coffee beans are first added to the coffee roaster they are green in colour. As heat is applied they gradually change to yellow, then to light brown and these brown tones gradually darken until the exact degree of roast is reached. The roasting process is of course much more complicated than that.

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