The Keurig K-Select Has Hidden Features For Temperature Control, High Altitude & Disabling Auto Off

The Keurig K-Select is one of the best selling Keurig devices released in recent years, it bridges the gap between the low end Keurig machines and the high end Keurig coffee makers and in my opinion is one of the best values in the entire Keurig lineup. In this video I go in depth into a few of the the least well known features built into the K-Select. I actually believe that these features make this machine even more of a value and make it one of my highest rated recommendations on this channel.

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► You can also see this video on the channel where I’ve compared it to the more expensive K-Elite:

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The Nespresso Citiz and Milk Espresso Machine

You have to love the Swiss-not only do they have some of the most remarkable chocolates, pastries and mountains on the planet, they also have some of the best minds in coffee machine innovation. The Switzerland-born company Nespresso pioneered the concept of brewing gourmet coffee in precise proportion through their state-of-the-art espresso coffee machines.

Three Reasons Why Coffee Enthusiasts Love Coffee Shops

You can see coffee shops today at practically every place. These coffee shops are well loved by many coffee enthusiasts for many reasons. This article lists three of these reasons.

How to Order a Drink From Starbucks

There may be one or two articles out there like this one but I wanted to add my own as I believe the others are not very descriptive and I always get asked. I have been working part time at Starbucks and get asked how to properly order a drink so here you go…

The Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers

If you know that the recipient whom you are buying the gift for loves coffee, the perfect gift would be coffee gifts. As there are so many types of coffee gifts out there, it makes it so much easier and so many more choices.

Espresso Coffee Making the Old Fashion Way, Is It For You?

In today’s market for espresso coffee makers one can find a machine with every imaginable bell or whistle. Even with all these elaborate machines it is still said by many that the best possible shot will come from a manual /lever type machine. The question to answer here is whether or not you are up for the effort involved.

Considerations to Make When Buying a Coffee Grinder

There are four basic considerations that you have to think of when buying a coffee grinder. These are the type of coffee grinder, the coarseness levels, the capacity of the coffee machine and whether it has an auto shut-off or not.

Coffee Videos Online: Why People Like Them

The internet offers an amazing universe of possibilities to everyone. Online videos are easy to find and view upon demand. On top of that, viewing is free in many online video websites, including YouTube, no matter how often and how many times you choose to view the videos. There are so many different topics, categories, issues and subjects available on video that it is possible to find just about anything one needs or wants on video with the push of a button. The fact that online videos are short makes it convenient to enjoy a video during a break at home or at work.

Coffee Drinking: An Age Old Custom Of Hospitality and Coffee Preparation

According to a legend passed on through generations, coffee drinking began in Ethiopia and spread through Africa and Arab countries over 12 centuries ago. A goat herder by the name of Kalid observed his herd frolicking and playing quite energetically after eating the berries of an evergreen bush. Curiosity got the best of Kalid who tried the berries himself. He found them so intriguing that he took them to a monastery where the monks roasted them and brewed the first cup of coffee. Coffee preparation has come a long way since then but the tradition of coffee as a beverage of choice and a symbol of hospitality is present all over the world.

KRUPS Cup-On-Request Coffee Maker Review

Ever since the boon of the single-serve Keurig K-Cup coffee maker, coffee lovers have been enjoying just-brewed coffee one cup at a time. It’s an excellent, convenient way to enjoy your daily Joe. That said, we’ve come across another product that’s certain to give the K-Cup coffee maker a run for its money.

A Lesson on How to Use K Cups

Believe it or not there are people out there that will not give K Cups a try because they are comfortable with what they already use. In short many of these people feel that the process of making coffee with K Cups is too hard or that it is something that they do not want to learn. The thing about using K Cups to make coffee is that it is very simple.

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