The Difference Between Keurig’s K-Select & K-Classic K-Cup Coffee Makers

Two of the most commonly purchased Keurig machines in recent years are the Keurig K-Classic and the K-Select, both are very similar machines and close to each other in price but there are a handful of reasons why you might want to pay slightly more money to buy the Select over the Classic and I go over those reasons in this video.

In my opinion the differences between the K-Classic and the K-Select are enough to push me towards the Select model but many people don’t care about those extra details and would rather pay less. For people that think the Classic is just fine and cheaper then consider heading over to Walmart to pick up the K-Compact because if you don’t care about the extra features offered by the Select then the pricing of the compact may be better for you because the Classic isn’t much different than the cheaper K-Compact.

You can see my video comparing the entry level Keurig machines here for more detail:

For pricing, specs, and availability you can see the K-Classic and K-Select on Amazon through the following affiliate links:

► K-Classic:
► K-Select:

I like the K-Select mostly because it gives you a strong button to slow the brew cycle down by about 30-seconds. This makes the coffee taste better but if you aren’t married to the Keurig brand then I suggest you look at this post on my website where I’ve indexed a few other machines that give you a strong button, some of which are cheaper units than the K-Select:

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