The Best K-Cup Coffee I Ever Had Was Made With The K-Latte Machine

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Why Do We Need Coffee Machines?

As you may know, coffee has an Ethiopian origin, being discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder. He noticed his goats acting strangely after trying some berries from the little tree standing nearby and he decided to taste them himself. That’s the way he found a bland, sweet, refreshing fruit.

French Press: A Celebrated Invention For Great Tasting Coffee

In a French Press, coffee is brewed by placing the coffee and water together. The coffee and water are stirred together and allowed to brew for a few minutes. The plunger is then pressed to trap the coffee grounds at the bottom of the beaker-like container. French Press coffee lovers praise the the rich flavor of coffee obtained using this method as a result of the coffee grounds being in direct contact with the brewing water, then filtered via a mesh instead of a paper filter.

The Most Important Ingredient For Making Great Coffee

The quality of your favourite hot beverage is largely determined by the quality of the water used to make it. When you consider that coffee and tea are more than 98 percent water, you can see how absolutely crucial it is to get things right. It is no good using the world’s most expensive coffee on the latest coffee making equipment if the water supply is inferior.

How Does Your Coffee Grow?

Coffee is the second largest commodity in the world, only oil has a bigger turnover. It is enjoyed the world over and is the planet’s most popular drink bar water itself. Coffee houses dominate the high street and coffee is a part of everyday life.

Pertinent Facts About Middle Eastern Coffee Grinders

Want to know what Turkish people eat? If you are visiting Turkey on holiday or vacation you are in for a culinary treat.

What Is a Burr Grinder?

There is more than one type of coffee grinders that you can use for your coffee needs. Know more about the burr grinder and what it really does.

Espresso Coffee Making, Nomenclature For the Novice, and Terms and Phrases You Should Know

Starting anything new requires a real learning curve and the art of using espresso coffee makers is no different. In the beginning stages just doing the research can be daunting if the words, terms and phrases are unfamiliar and not clearly understood. This articles intent is to provide understanding of those words and phrases so that the newbie can do his or her research and not only make good buying decisions but also understand the espresso coffee maker process and then truly enjoy the experience.

Finding the Best Coffee Beans in the World

The best coffee beans are those that make the best tasting coffee for the one who will be drinking the coffee. Professional tasters may have a greater sense of taste that leads to what they consider the best taste, but it is the drinker who should decide what is best for them after considerations of acidity, caffeine, bitterness/sweetness and aroma.

Coffee Mugs As Event Promo Items

All year round, many companies have certain events or occasions that they observe. During such events, companies like to take advantage and reward their employees or gift their clients with promotional items. Coffee is one of those beverages that many people cannot do without and is very popular in workplaces and at home.

Health Benefits of Caffeine In Coffee

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the staple beverages in most homes and commercial establishments today. The love for this drink actually started from the earliest time people discovered those black, aromatic beans back in the thirteenth century.

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