McCafe Colombian Coffee Review

Thanks!!! Two average Joes drink and review McCafe Colombian Coffee.

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About this video: In this video, two average Joes drink and review McCafe Colombian Coffee. Coffee reviews for regular people. Coffee reviews for regular people. what coffee should i drink

The Delicious World of Coffee Cake!

I love drinking gourmet coffee and I cannot think of a more delicious companion to coffee than the coffee cake. Coffee cake has come a long way! These days there are thousands of recipes on the internet, YouTube videos with step by step instructions, and cook books dedicated to this delicious bakery staple. The funny thing about coffee cake is that it does not actually contain any coffee – it is just termed that as it is meant to be enjoyed alongside a great cup of Java!

Instant Espresso Using The Nespresso D120

The Nespresso D120 is a very popular machine today. Find out what is “single serve” and “crema”, and how you can have coffee-shop espresso at home. How does an espresso maker work, and what kind of flavours are available?

Rancilio “Rocky Doserless Grinder” Review

The Rocky doserless grinder by Rancilio is a moderately priced coffee grinder for residential usage. This machine utilizes the same motor and burr grinders that Rancilio puts in their commercial model MD40 giving it great durability.

Coffee Growing Countries Around The World

Coffee grows in the region known as the Bean Belt. This is a belt of land between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn between latitudes 25 degrees North and 30 degrees South. This region is tropical with rich soil and it includes The Americas, Africa, Asia, The Caribbean and the Middle East.

Discover The Far Reaching Benefits Of Coffee Grown In An All Natural Method

Most agricultural produce that fills the shelves of grocery stores is grown using a dizzying concoction of chemicals. By switching to all-natural varieties you can have peace of mind that you are not unnecessarily ingesting any toxins. The process of growing the beans that go into a natural beverage takes place without the use of any insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Not only is this good for your body, it is also great for the environment. Damage to ecosystems can be reduced massively.

US Cities That Love Coffee!

Coffee consumption is a huge industry in the United States. Let’s face it, people in America love coffee and they have great taste! Finding the perfect cup of coffee is a wonderful thing, and when you do, it is like heaven. Some U.S. cities have more exotic coffee than others, and when visiting those cities it can be a delicious experience.

Keurig Model B40 – Single Cup Coffee Brewing At Home With The Keurig Model B40

The Keurig model B40 is one of the most affordable Keurig units. The Keurig one cup coffee maker line has become a standard in businesses of all sizes and offers lots of options for enjoyable coffee. This scaled-down, inexpensive unit is perfect for the home brewer as well.

Choosing a Travel Mug That Actually Works

Many of us have a really hard time starting out in the morning without first drinking a cup of coffee. However, many times we are so rushed it is hard to get one ready before we have to head out the door. This keeps us from relaxing on the patio or in the living room and leads to us searching for alternative ways of dealing with our needs.

Using Automatic Coffee Machines to Make Espresso

The espresso method of brewing coffee is the most demanding of all. All the ingredients and techniques have to be exact. Your coffee grind can’t be too coarse or too fine. The brewing water has to have the right temperature and can’t be in contact with the coffee too long or too quickly. Automatic coffee machines specifically made to produce espresso are a great help for those who would like a good shot of this brown liquid without sweating it out too much. However, you still need to observe certain things to make sure you’ll have a satisfying espresso shot.

A History of the Coffee Bean

Most of us, especially those of you on this site, drink coffee on a regular basis. We wake up, pour ourselves a nice hot cup of steaming Joe and savour the wonderful taste as it rushes past our lips and into our stomachs, instantly sending that sweet rush of caffeine pulsating through our veins. However lets take the next few minutes in going back a few thousand years and finding out where our dear old friend came from.

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