Keurig’s Muli-Position Water Reservoir on the K-Supreme & the K-Duo Plus: How To Move and Change It

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Defining Gourmet Coffee

Coffee drinkers have a multitude of coffees to choose from all with a different label to entice them to purchase it. There are coffees labeled as gourmet, superior, extra fine and other names that make the consumer think they are purchasing a first class coffee. The question becomes how one defines gourmet coffee when looking for coffee.

Coffee Makers Are a Kitchen Necessity

Coffee is the second most drunk beverage in the world, coming in behind water. It is the first thing that many people reach for in the morning and the after dinner drink for many others. In between those hours coffee is being served in businesses and restaurants around the world every minute. Coffee is more than a drink; it is a social connection that is shared in both business settings and friendly gatherings.

I’m In Love With My Costa Rican Coffee!

Costa Rica’s rich soil and tropical climate is ideal for producing some of the world’s best coffees. The dark earth is enriched by volcanic ash and has only a slight degree of acidity. The fertile ground is also abundant with organic matter which contributes further to ideal growing conditions for producing superb coffee beans.

Colombia Is Coffee, Coffee Beans And Coffee Traditions

More than half of Colombia’s departments, or states, are coffee producing regions. Colombia’s total area is around 440,831 square miles or approximately equal to the areas of Portugal, France and Spain combined. Visualize half of that territory corresponding to regions where coffee grows.

Exploring the Wonders of K-Cups

Back in 1992, the introduction of K-Cups was pretty much a breakthrough in the coffee world. This idea that a single serving K-cup could be easily made within a minute or so was beyond unthinkable especially due to the convenience of not brewing an entire pot of coffee which required a good 30 minutes of your time.

Coffee Prices Could Rise Sharply Due to Columbian Flooding

We’ve sure seen a lot of flooding in the World over the last 3-4 years. Indeed, it’s been rather ominous and somewhat scary really. Remember the horrible floods in Pakistan, last year, and what about the floods in the US where the Missouri River and Mighty Mississip caused the flooding of more than 3,000 square miles, now that’s a lot of water, precipitation, and rain.

Oh How We Love Our Coffee Machine

In todays world of fast cars, high living and gadgets for everything. I must say my favourite thing would be my Coffee Machine. I bet like all of us, you have bought appliances throughout the years and no matter how wonderful they were made out to be – they inevitably ended up locked away in the back of some cupboard. How many gadgets have you bought that slice and dice and yet you now still reach for the knife when preparing food. It is just to hard sometimes to get them out and then clean them and put them away. Easier to grab a knife.

Who Are The Big Names In Coffee Industry?

Who are the big names in coffee today? This article examines who the big names are and how the smaller companies are trying to compete with these industry giants.

This One’s For The Birds: A Celebration Of Coffee!

What’s the significance of the second Saturday in May? International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD). Each year, around the world, thousands of people observe this day. For what purpose? Mainly to learn about wildlife and conservation. IMBD is also a day to drink coffee for the birds’ sake. Coffee habitats worldwide, especially shade grown coffee farms, are bird friendly and contribute greatly to the preservation of endangered migratory bird species.

Gourmet Coffee Drinks for Special Occasions

Gourmet coffee can be used as a special treat or for special occasions when guests are coming and after dinner coffee is being served. It can also be a holiday treat during the Christmas season or any other holiday with a gourmet flavor to match the holiday.

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