Keurig’s K-Duo Plus: Full Features Overview

I’ve owned and used the Keurig K-Duo Plus dual brew coffee maker for a full year before filming this video where I outline all of the notable features of the machine. Not only will it make a good cup of k-cup coffee but it is one of the best machines out there that can also make a full carafe of coffee from the same spout… all from your own coffee grind.

The K-Duo and K-Duo Plus are similar in function but not in style and the K-Duo Essentials is a stripped down and cheaper version than the other two. Each machine will brew cups or carafes of coffee but they are quite different.

► See this post on my site for a run-down of all the most important differences between the three machines:

Here is a couple Amazon affiliate links to the K-Duo and the K-Duo Plus for current pricing:

► K-Duo:

► K-Duo Plus:

Here is an affiliate link to Walmart’s K-Duo Essentials for pricing and specs. This unit should be a lot cheaper but it is lacking a few critical features that I value a lot.

► K-Duo Essentials:

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