Keurig Universal My K-Cup: Use It With K-Supreme (Plus) With Multi Point Needle

Apparently the newly designed My K-Cup is such a new design that as of October 10, 2020 I can’t even find it for sale on Amazon except for in a package deal when purchased with a K-Supreme Plus.

You can see that package deal through this affiliate link:

The multi-stream compatible My K-Cup is however sold at a few of my local stores and I’m sure it probably is for you to. If you are a dedicated online shopper it can be purchased right now on and I believe Target and Kohls. Here’s a link to Walmart:

► I don’t typically use my own grind in reusable K-Cups because I think the process of filling them is cumbersome and messy. But if I did use them all the time I would invest a few bucks into this reusable k-cup filler combo scoop/funnel. It’s called the Perfect Pod EZ-Scoop, check it out, it’s only the price of a good burger!

► Moka pot featured at the end of this video was the 3-cup Moka Express. It makes a stovetop version of a double espresso. Top it off with as much hot water as you like to customize your coffee’s strength and it’s basically a good home-made Americano. Here is an aff link to Amazon to check it out:

Lastly, you can find out more about me and what I do here:

Red Coffee Mugs – Spicing Up Your Coffee Routine

In this fast-moving society, coffee is an important beverage for consumers to be able to stay alert and keep up with the pace of the society. In order to consume a cup of coffee that can really provide the energy for consumers to work efficiently, a coffee mug is an essential equipment to be possessed by individuals. A mug can be used not only to consume coffee but also other beverages such as espresso or cappuccino.

Cuisinart Coffee Makers – High Quality Appliances At Good Prices

Cuisinart coffee makers are striking works of art. They can be found in unique designs together with functions intended to certainly match any kind of wants together with wallets.

Healthy Coffee – Is It Real?

I have been drinking Healthy Coffee with reishi and ginseng extracts for about 2 months. I started out having a cup here and there just to truthfully say to my customers – “Yes” I’ve tried it. Now, it’s the thing I look forward to most when I wake in the morning!

Don’t Let Your Fresh Ground Coffee Go Bad!

It has come to be widely acknowledged that you ought to start with freshly roasted coffee beans and grind them before you make your brand new pot of freshly brewed coffee. Buying freshly roasted coffee beans and taking the time to grind your own beans can be a luxury many of us just don’t appear to have. After all, does not a can of Maxwell House taste as nice as freshly ground coffee? Basically no!

It’s All About the Very Functional Automatic Coffee Machines

If you are in search of a coffee maker for your home or office purpose, go for those innovatively designed automatic coffee machines. As a purchaser you should definitely search the best one for your purpose.

In Search Of The Best Cup Of Coffee

The search for the best cup of java is over. It is more than personal taste. It’s a science and it is acquired. We love our Tim Hortons and Starbucks. So I was wondering what is it that makes their coffee so good? When you need to watch your budget, going out for coffee gets to be very expensive. So last summer I went on a quest to learn how to make the best cup of coffee right at home.

Coffee Vending Machine for Your Office – Making the Right Choice

Does your office have a coffee vending machine? Does it seem right and trendy to have your workers dash off to the coffee bar down street shortly after they get to the office? You may yet think that they are well off without having their favorite cappuccino or espresso in the office, but then, how about the cold days when a warm cup of coffee is what each of them require? Having coffee in the office is a culture that is fast catching on among the working populace. There is no need to compare the cost of having a quality coffee vending machine in your office to what you and your business stand to benefit when the workers remain alert all day.

Coffee Enjoyment Starts With Finding the Best Espresso Pods

Coffee technology has advanced a lot in recent years. Now the best coffees often come in pods rather than from beans that you grind yourself.

Better Coffee May Not Mean Better Dating, But Don’t Make a Girl Bad Coffee! 6 Steps to Great Coffee

Sometimes when a great date goes well, you invite them for coffee. Sometimes when you invite someone for coffee, even in the dating context, they actually expect to drink coffee. This article looks at making a great cup of coffee with a cafetire (aka a coffee plunger or piston). It is certainly in your interests to provide them with good coffee, and if you really want to impress someone aim to favorably engage as many senses as possible – taste and smell are the obvious ones, but don’t ignore how it feels in the mouth and what they see and hear as you put it all together.

Why Coffee Blends?

When searching for something different but unique in flavor, coffee blends are a viable option. Putting together the best quality of several Coffee beans may be just what your taste buds are looking for. Some decisions are better left up to the experts and I believe this is one of them.

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