Keurig & Local Roasters Partner to Create The Limited Edition Keurig Love Blend- Tectonic Coffee

Hey Los Angeles! Deaton Pigot from @Tectonic_Coffee has collaborated with Keurig and other local roasters to create the limited edition Keurig Love Blend. Your purchase goes back to support roasters like Deaton. Preorder now, only at

How Much Caffeine Is in a Cup of Coffee?

Do you ever wonder how much caffeine is in the cup of coffee you are about to drink? Learn how much caffeine is in coffee among other caffeine laced beverages. Find out what is considered moderate to heavy caffeine consumption and the side effects of too much caffeine. Learn how to enjoy coffee and other beverages with these caffeine tips and tricks.

How to Accumulate As Many Starbucks Points As Possible

Most of us love Starbucks. Many of us have their frequent drink card. But, unlike many loyalty cards, this one has a catch. It’s based on swipes, not the amount of money you spend.

Cowboy Coffee and Camping Coffee – Essential Tips

Most of the advice available today for how to make cowboy coffee and camping coffee is wrong. Even though our grandparents knew how to make great coffee at home, it seems that we’ve lost the recipe. Here are 5 essential tips to get you back on track for brewing a delectable pot of cowboy coffee.

Why You Should Get An Automatic Espresso Machine Today

Is there a real need to get an automatic espresso machine, given that you are so used to brewing your own coffee? Yes, we definitely think so! These are the reasons why you should get an automatic espresso machine today.

What A Jura Capresso ENA4 Mill And Brew Automatic Cappuccino Maker Gives You

I will be discussing with you my own experience with the Jura Capresso Automatic Espresso Machine. This is the grind and brew machine that I have been using for 3 in the comfort of my own home. Jura has before now served me at the very least 320 cups of espresso coffee up to the time of this review.

The Best Way to Chill This Summer

During the summer time, we all know that the weather is extremely hot. The best way you can shake off the maximum heat that makes you so uncomfortable is by sipping a cup of iced coffee. This will put you in the perfect mood for withstanding all the warmth that you might accumulate all day long.

Coffee Barista’s Training

Many coffee barista trainings will go through the training not only to learn about how to server good coffee, but one day to own their own shop. There are now barista colleges or at least a training school that specializes in learning about coffee and how to make and serve it. There are even some large well known coffee shops that actually send their employees to school to learn the trade.

A Burr Coffee Grinder

A burr coffee grinder does a much better job of grinding the coffee beans because of the separation of the grinding surfaces. The beans go between them and are crushed instead of chopped; thus making the ground beans uniform. One of the burrs stands still while the other one rotates, making a fine cup of coffee. Some will use nothing but burr coffee grinders because of the quietness of the grinder and how easy it is to use.

One Of The Best Coffee Machines

Because of coffee’s caffeine content, it gives us this stimulating effect the keeps us awake. And yes, I can attest to that because I always turn to a cup if I feel like my eye lids are slowly closing in. I have been used to getting the instant mixes, since I do not have a handy coffee maker at home. I just do not have the time to go around the appliance store and spend an hour or two to get one.

True Coffee Flavor of Indonesia – Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is the name of coffee which is heard directly from the islands of the Indonesian islands. Indonesian islands has a special mammal in the forest was known as Luwak. Luwak live in trees of coffee, and go looking for ripe cherries. A small number of cherries are a preferred food of the Luwaks.

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