Keurig & Local Roasters Partner to Create The Limited Edition Keurig Love Blend- Hero Coffee

Hey Chicago! Michelle Martinez from @HeroCoffee has collaborated with Keurig and other local roasters to create the limited edition Keurig Love Blend. Your purchase goes back to support roasters like Michelle. Preorder now, only at

The Different Coffee Beans

Generally coffee beans fall into two different types of beans which are Robusta and Arabica but this is not the names written on the bags of coffee that you would purchase as roasted coffee beans. For the most part when you buy these beans you will be buying the beans so named for the regions or countries they are actually grown in. This is where you will encounter Java or Kenya AA or Kona.

A Sad Affair – This Coffee Business

With a name like Gloria Jean’s Coffees you can be forgiven for expecting the world from them. Who knows this Gloria Jean might be Juan Valdez’s sister or someone. Claiming to be one of the biggest coffee chains in the world, Gloria Jean’s has been active in Mumbai for some time but it’s finally made it to Delhi.

Coffee Makers That Make One Cup Servings

There have been a lot of innovations added to the coffee maker division. Styles, colors and functionality distinctively differentiate all of these units. A few brands come out to be the most affordable and the best when durability is concerned.

A Tough Decision To Make: The Keurig B70 Platinum And Keurig B40 Elite Coffee Maker

Which do you prefer? Instant coffee from coffee houses or home brewed coffee? Well I prefer to have the convenience of making instant coffee at home. This is what’s happening to me right now. I rush to work and grab a quick cup from the coffee store opposite my office every single morning. Trouble is, long queues are causing the quality of coffee to deteriorate and they are not showing any signs to reduce the price. This is indeed bad news for me since I don’t command a high salary to start with.

Saeco 4038 Vienna Plus 15-Bar-Pump Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Review

The Saeco 4038 Vienna Plus is a super automatic espresso machine which allows you to easily enjoy cafe-quality beverages from home. Many users stated they would rather use the Saeco Automatic Espresso Machine rather than go to a coffee house.

Coffee Menu Meaning

Below are many of the names and terminology you will find at local coffee house or cafe. This is the classic definition of famous coffees. Many places have come up with their own definitions of coffee so keep that in mind when you are figuring out what to order.

Going Ga-Ga Over The Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine

Espresso machines are generally categorized into four main types: manual, semi-automatic, automatic and fully automatic. All of these four types will give a well prepared coffee for any event. The only difference is that as you progress from manual to fully automated ones, you will be required to do very little work.

4 Benefits Of Owning A Keurig B70 Platinum At Home

Among the high-end coffee machines, the Keurig B70 Platinum Home Brewing System is one of the most well-liked appliances most people want to have at home. In terms of pricing, it costs more than the average coffee maker but a further look into its functions will show you how the money is well spent. Let’s have a look at 4 benefits and why you should own a Keurig B70 at home.

Some Amazing And Refreshing Coffee Varieties

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most popular beverages all across the world that is served both cold and hot. There are various types of coffees cultivated and drank globally. Because of this wide variety, it goes through much various improvement processes.

More Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Coffee is one of the oldest and most popular beverages in the world next to water and tea. A lot may already know that coffee can help fight-off free radicals because of its antioxidant content. There’s also evidence of coffee having more amounts of antioxidants compared to that of tea and cocoa and that these antioxidants are the stronger types.

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