Keurig 6-oz vs 12-oz K-Cup Coffee: How To Make A Terrible Cup Fast!

I like to make good coffee from Moka Pots and French press coffee makers but for convenience reasons I’ve been using Keurig machines a lot lately. In this video I discuss my reasons for recommending all of my viewers and readers to only brew 6oz and 8oz cups with their Keurig machines, forgoing the larger 10oz and 12oz selections all together.

I actually show you the difference between the first 6-ounces of coffee and the second 6-ounces of coffee that come out of a k-cup when the 12-ounce option is used.

Spoiler alert, the second 6-ounces taste and look terrible.

If you want to use Keurig machines but dislike brewing small cups of coffee then make sure to give a close look into the My K-Cup, it’s a reusable k-cup made by Keurig. The reason for this is that you can actually put almost 50% more coffee grind into the My K-Cup and brew a full strength 10oz cup of coffee that’s not watered down.

► The new machines require the New Design My K-Cup which is still hard to find in stores. Here is an Amazon affiliate link to the older design on Amazon:

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Benefits of Drinking Coffee – How Many Cups a Day Is OK?

Coffee has been connected with cancer and various other ailments, however results of new research suggest that drinking coffee can actually reduce the risk of male prostate cancer. This doesn’t mean cure for prostate cancer, though and neither does it suggest that men should rush to buy supplies of coffee.

Features to Look for in a Coffee Grinder

Coffee lovers who are shopping for a coffee grinder already know the flavorful advantages a good quality grinder offers. What they may not know are features to be looked for when searching for a coffee grinder that make the grinder more beneficial.

Methods of Brewing Coffee – The Vacuum Pot

The vacuum pot method is a fun and entertaining method of brewing coffee that is hardly ever seen today. This technique for brewing coffee was very popular in the 1920’s through to the 1960’s but has since seen a remarkable decline to the extent that it is now very difficult to track down the apparatus needed to brew the coffee in this way. Indeed the vacuum system was very popular in both restaurants and at home dinner parties.

Tips for Making the Best French Press Coffee

The French press makes a unique cup of coffee that is as individual as the person making the coffee. Every cup is piping hot and brewed to perfection. No more guesswork to determine how long the coffee has been sitting on the hot plate. Friends and guests can always count on getting an excellent cup of coffee. Just like any other appliance there are tricks and tips that people have learned over time that make suing the French press a little easier and the coffee a little better.

Reasons to Choose a Burr Coffee Grinder

Most people who have to choose between a blade and conical burr coffee grinder will typically choose the blade grinder due to the difference in cost. However, if they do their research and find out the many reasons they should opt for the conical burr coffee grinder they will usually spend the extra money to insure they get a better quality grinder.

Consider Two Totally Different Kinds of Coffee Maker

You can’t get two more unique forms of coffeemaker than Drip and French Press coffee percolators. French Press are definitely the low tech strategy to brew coffee while Drip coffee percolators are usually the higher tech method. Both can be popular but there will still be people that choose one over the other.

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso Machine Review

The DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso Machine is one of the top rated automatic machines on the market today. This is by no means an entry level machine, and the price demonstrates that. But, if you want to get your home espresso experience started off right, you can’t go wrong with this magnificent machine.

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Is a French Press Useful?

Every morning millions of people start their day with a piping hot cup of coffee. For many people this is the only thing that gets their day started and they wouldn’t dream of going without it. The hustle and bustle of the morning routine often makes getting to the coffee pot a task in itself. The French press has become a popular way to make an excellent cup of coffee without spending a huge amount of money on an expensive coffee maker.

Guide to Using a French Press

Many people receive a French press and immediately wonder what it is and how do they use it. At first glance it simply looks like a coffee mug; however, a closer look reveals the inner working of the French press including the plunger filter and the gift recipient realizes this is no ordinary coffee mug. This would be a good time to learn how to use a French press to make rich hot coffee and hot teas anytime.

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