Is Keurig K-Mini Plus a 1.0 or 2.0 Machine?

The Keurig K-Mini Plus is a really nice k-cup coffee maker but is it a 1.0 or 2.0 model? In this video I explain what it is and isn’t.

Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Keurig

My Keurig K-Mini Plus Video Review

Comparison | K-Mini vs K-Mini Plus vs K15 Mini

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Best Coffee in the World – Where Does It Come From?

To really understand the best coffee in the world, you have to know the history behind it. There are a number of myths and legends behind the discovery of coffee and its spread throughout the world, some more believable than others. It isn’t possible to know the exact dates, but the first supposed discovery and use of coffee beans by humans was in 800 AD.

Smell the Coffee: The Wonderful Espresso Maker

Whether you are a coffee lover or not you can still all appreciate that amazing aromatic strong smell of coffee brewing or from your local coffee shop as they use the espresso maker. Ever bought or drank some of the amazing Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica? Starbucks has to be the most famous coffee shop around the world, imagine what life would be without a Starbucks around the corner.

Best Coffee Maker – Which Is the Best Coffee Maker?

The Best Coffee Maker whether you want Latte, Espresso, cappuccino, you can now decide. Established makes have been tested and the best one is revealed.

Coffee, a Beneficial Beverage

Is coffee a beneficial beverage? We are learning new things about it and it looks good.

How to Buy Eco-Friendly Tea or Coffee

If you have a green thumb and are in constant search for ways to be even more eco-friendly, why not begin with your morning cup of fresh coffee or hot tea? Here’s how. Always buys your tea and coffee from local sources such as farms and independently owned cafes.

Cuban Coffee

With its natural climate and geography, Cuba has the potential to produce some of the world’s best beans. Cuba started planting coffee in the mid 18th century. By 1820, Coffee was one of Cuba’s largest cash crops.

How to Make Cappuccino Coffee – For a Better Coffee Experience

Now who wants to know how to prepare cappuccino coffee? Can you just imagine how a proper cup of cappuccino should look like? When you have a certain volume of frothed milk combined with an equal amount of espresso, with the milk on top, then you have what every coffee lover would always yearn for, a steaming frothy cappuccino.

Neapolitan Brewing: How to Brew Coffee With a Neapolitan Flip (or Drip Maker)

A Neapolitan coffee brew maker is usually a single serving device. Many people confuse the Neapolitan Flip brewer with a stove top espresso maker. Unfortunately you cannot make espresso drinks with this type of brewing device.

Go Ahead for That Second Cup of Coffee – It Is Good for You!

When the world wakes up in the morning the number one choice of drink is coffee. Despite the beverage’s popularity, however, the controversy surrounding the health benefits of coffee has not yielded very much usable information.

All Inclusive Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is world-renowned for it mild flavor and absence of bitterness. The name “Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee” is a globally-protected certification granted by Jamaica’s Coffee Industry Board for coffees originating in Jamaica’s Blue Mountain region, between Port Antonio on the north and Kingston on the south.

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