Hario Ceramic Slim Coffee Mill Unboxing

In this video I opened up my new Hario Ceramic Slim hand crank burr coffee grinder for the first time. This grinder is a very popular grinder; they sell a ton of them so I had been wanting to buy one and try it out for myself.

I bought the Ceramic Slim grinder to use on whole coffee beans in the kitchen. I had been buying them whole and grinding then at the store but this will let me grind my beans right before I brew coffee, meaning my morning cup should be as fresh as humanly possible.

Why’d I chose to buy this Hario grinder? Well, it’s manual burr grinder. That means it’s really inexpensive. But I also bought this one because it’s supposed to be the best low end grinder at making coarse grind. It’s got a movable burr that is held firmly in place by a pressurized spring. This is supposed to help keep the burr stable and the grind size consistent.

For an inexpensive model this is supposed to be the best. In later video’s I’ll explain more about how it works and what I think about actually using it.

In the mean time you can see more about this grinder through the following link:

Achieve the Right Espresso Taste Through Barista Training Courses

Coffee has become a constant companion of men and women of all ages. However, while coffee may be common, the taste of coffee actually differs. For those cafes that serve the exquisite espresso, undergoing a barista training courses is a must so that the best taste is achieved.

Why Did Espresso Become Popular?

Probably the most popular type of coffee, espresso is one of those that makes cafes famous. The thick consistency, the delightful aroma, and the experience of tasting such exquisite coffee can be yours with just a single espresso shot. So why did this coffee become really popular?

Learn How to Make the Right Cup of Coffee Through 1 Day Courses

t would take really good instruction before one would be able to create that perfect shot. This is often demanded from coffee shops who want to provide their customers the with the best quality espressos. A lot of expert baristas have actually recognized this fact, and they are willing to share the knowledge that they have accumulated through 1 day courses.

Things You Should Know About Espresso Machines and What to Watch Out For

Why are you not told what you need to know when it comes to an espresso machine? Do you find yourself making the wrong choice when it comes to buying an espresso machine, or do you just not have enough information to make an educated decision? You know you want to me able to make your own espressos at home, or entertain guests with your own home brew. Well why is it so difficult to make the right choice? Let me explain to you what you need to know about espresso machines before you buy one.

The Cuisinart SS-700 Single-Serve Coffee-Brewing System Review

There are so many coffee makers on the market at the present time and each manufacturer claims that their machine is the best. However, there is more to deciding which product fulfils your needs than just considering the price, and if it looks good; important though these considerations are. This review looks at one of the most popular models and gives a concise appraisal of its merits and otherwise.

The Way to Make a Great, Terrific Cappuccino

To be able to make a great cappuccino there are a variety of steps you want to master. First, you need to learn how to correctly steam the milk. You can use any kind of milk for this process, from skim to 2% to whole milk.

Choosing The Best Coffee Machine

The coffee device marketplace provides a vivid variety of products. Due to the aspects of style, era, budgets etc. so framed the nominees for the best coffee machine are…

TAFE Short Courses – Helping You Become an Expert on Various Fields

Education today is an expensive commodity. However, various government agencies such as the Technical and Further Education Commission (TAFE) in Australia provide vocational programs so as to give individuals the training that they need in just a short period of time across different industries. These TAFE short courses are all made to equip with the right skills in the right field.

Saeco Incanto – What Does The Deluxe Model Give You?

Are you thinking about getting your very first home espresso machine? Whether you are looking for your first or interested in replacing an older model you might want to consider the Saeco Incanto Deluxe model from Saeco coffee machine company. There are many different brands and models on the market today, but by all accounts, the Saeco is one of the very best, and the Incanto Deluxe looks to be one of the best for new espresso machine owners.

Saeco Coffee Machines – The Bad, The Good And The Way To Go

There are literally hundreds of coffee machines on the market today, from the standard fair you will find at your local retailers to the more sophisticated models that are only available at specialty shops and online. If you are really into your coffee you may already own a top of the line espresso device such as the Saeco coffee machines, however if you are still on the fence and wondering if they are truly worth the extra money, read on.

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