Don’t Buy The Wrong Universal My K-Cup: Keurig Has Two Different Designs

The old design of Keurig’s Universal My K-Cup – the reusable k-cup that Keurig makes – is able to fit into all old Keurig machines, any machine really that uses the single water injection needle. In 2020 Keurig released the K-Supreme and the K-Supreme Plus, both of which use a new five-point water injection needle and as such won’t work with the original Universal My K-Cup.

To fix the problem Keurig redesigned the My K-Cup to give it five holes on top to accommodate the new five-point coffee makers however the extra four holes are covered in a weirdly shaped gasket to allow for backwards compatibility to the older single needle brewers.

In my testing the new design doesn’t work very well with the single brewers and in this video I show you why.

Below I’ve included a couple affiliate links to the two different My K-Cup designs. For the time being the new design is not available on Amazon so I’ve provided to the link to Walmart. The new design is widely available in retail stores locally so make sure to check there if you don’t like shopping on

► My K-Cup (Old Design):
► My K-Cup (New Design):

To learn more about Keurig’s reusable k-cup(s) see these additional videos I’ve produced on the topic:

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