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COFFEE: Myths, Trivia and Facts

Coffee is a subject that most us love, but don’t talk about much. As a result, coffee has generated its fair share of myths and trivia (along with facts). Let’s take a look at some of the facts, myths and trivia about the world’s favorite beverage.

The Truth About Coffee and Your Health

There are always stories in the media about whether coffee is good or bad for you with an abundance of conflicting stories clearly contradicting each other. I thought I would do my own research and look into whether there is any truth in either argument. Here is my definitive conclusion on coffee and your health.

15 Coffee Shops in San Francisco You Need to Visit Before You Die

Coffee shops are a dime-a-dozen in San Francisco, with nearly 6 coffee shops per square mile. The City is a global leader in the progressive, third-wave coffee movement – a movement that aims to produce high-quality coffee as an artisanal product, like craft beer or wine. These are the best of the best.

Four Easy Tips For Making Iced Coffee Drinks At Home

Iced coffee drinks continue to gain popularity among java fans. You can make delicious iced coffee drinks at home. Here are 4 tips to show you how.

Espresso Benefits to Your Health

One of the reasons espresso is even better for you than regular coffee is a result of the steam being pushed through the ground coffee beans. This occurs so quickly that much of the flavor and antioxidants are in that single cup of espresso.

Coffee Granita With Kahula-Cream and Shaved Chocolate

After a satisfying meal, sometimes you want something sweet, but not heavy. Sherbet falls into this category and so does granita–a simple dessert with the texture of a snow cone. Granitas come in many flavors and are easy on the budget. If you like coffee, you’ll like this recipe.

Be Your Own Barista!

Instead of spending money at your local coffee shop, you can be your own barista and make the perfect cuppa joe in your home. This article provides a glimpse into what makes coffee so fabulous.

Things To Consider When Buying A Cappuccino Machine

Cappuccino makers have a small difference with coffee makers because they use steam or pressure to force the water through the finely ground coffee. The pressure or steam in the machines can also be used in frothing milk. You will therefore have an added advantage when you have a cappuccino maker even when you have a coffee maker.

How to Serve Up Killer Coffee

Coffee consumption has been elevated to an art form but do you know what makes a good brew? Find out with our hot tips for serving up killer coffee!

Stop Spilling Coffee

Do you know anybody who has never spilled a mug full of coffee on his or her clothes or technological gadgets? I am sure this is a situation that has happened to almost everybody and, sometimes, more than once! You, or the person you know, have probably had favorite clothes ruined and expensive gadgets destroyed. The more you drink coffee, the more likely you are to spilling a coffee mug, no matter how careful you are. There will be a moment when you are completely distracted multitasking and the coffee mug will be sitting right in the place between your laptop and those very important documents – a recipe for disaster!

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