Demo of Keurig K-Mini Plus With Full Review

The Keurig K-Mini Plus was released in 2018 around the same time that the regular K-Mini was released. I purchased both a year ago in the back end of 2019 and I have brewed close to 1000 k-cups with them since then. The majority of those cups were brewed with the K-Mini Plus however.

As of today’s recoding the K-Mini Plus has been my favorite k-cup brewer to use so far so I figured this would be a great time to review it for you.

You can see more information on the K-Mini Plus over on my site where I’ve compared it to the regular K-Mini and the older Keurig Mini K15 which I also own.

If you are considering getting a K-Mini Plus they can usually be purchased locally just about anywhere in the country and of course they can be purchased online as well.

Here are a couple affiliate links to these machines on Amazon:

► K-Mini –
► K-Mini Plus –

Finally I’ve just started fiddling around with the new Keurig K-Supreme so make sure to see my videos on the K-Supreme too. I’ll link to a playlist in the coming week or two.

In the mean time you can see the K-Supreme Plus through this affiliate link to Amazon:

Holy Crap This Is Great Coffee!

The most expensive coffee in the world is not genuine Blue Mountain from Jamaica, but Civet Coffee or Kopi Luwak as it is known locally in Indonesia. Civet coffee can cost as much as $40-$50 USD a cup in some establishments and is said to have a very delicious and distinctive taste. It is exceeding rare and less than 500kg make it to market each year, selling mainly in the US and Japan for up to $1000 USD per kilo.

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The coffee roasting process helps to produce natural compounds in the coffee beans that, when consumed as a cup of coffee, literally may tell your stomach to reduce the production of acid. This is one of the key findings presented in 2010 at the 239th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society by Dr Veronika Somoza, Ph.D, from the University of Vienna in Austria, and Dr Thomas Hofmann, Ph.D., from the Technische Universitat Munchen. The findings are extremely exciting for coffee lovers and the coffee trade worldwide. They support the established and new research about benefits of coffee to your health.

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The Keurig b70 coffee maker, also now known these days as the Keurig Platinum is one of the company’s best selling machines and most loved. It has been around a number of years now which has given Keurig the time to iron out any imperfections. The Keurig b70 is All-American and only really sold in North America. In this article I will highlight 5 reasons for owning one.

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