Coffee Across America Season 1 Episode 3 – Serendipity – Mount Dora, Florida

In this third episode of Coffee Across America, we are in Mount Dora, Florida at Serendipity Coffee where we met with the owner, Rachel Pepper, to hear their story.

Connect with Serendipity Coffee:
144 W. Fifth Avenue
Mount Dora, Florida 32757
(352) 729-2376

The Evolution of Coffee Vending Machines

We are all well aware of how staggeringly quickly technology moves forward these days. Smartphones, social media, graphics and animation, special effects, the list is endless. An addition to this list now however, is the good old coffee vending machine.

A Review of Popular Coffee Makers

If you are a coffee drinker, you know there is a big difference between having a cheap coffee maker and a quality one. Here is a list of the top models for making that perfect cup!

Why Coffee Houses Make Such Great Places to Study and Get Work Done

If you have a lot of work to do and are struggling to find ways to be more productive, have you ever considered spending a couple hours in a coffee shop? More than just a place to get a good cup of joe, coffee houses can be a great escape from the office.

How To Choose The Best Espresso Machine

Are you looking to buy an espresso machine so, you don’t have spend long hours in line for coffee at your favorite coffee shop. There are whole range of machines to choose from. Here is simple guide to buying your first espresso machine.

Coffee, And The Health Benefits That A Mushroom Can Bring To It!

For 1,000s of years the Lingzhi/Reishi mushroom(more commonly known as the Ganoderma) had been used in Traditional Chinese medicine. This particular mushrooms extract is known for increasing overall health and well being. With the increase in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle amongst Americans it only makes sense to introduce these health benefits to The Nations drink Coffee!

All About Coffee Makers And Espresso Machines – Features And Differences

When you are about to purchase your very first coffee maker, you will usually select an automatic or semi-automatic model. Before delving on what you should look for, it is best that you have a clear understanding and knowledge about these machines. You can achieve this by reading espresso machine reviews or coffee makers reviews that you will find in the Internet. These reviews will help you a lot in deciding which are the best coffee makers are right for you.

Coffee Brewing Methods, Makers, and Styles

Coffee has been around for centuries. Ever wonder how it first came about? This article discusses the origin and methods of brewing coffee.

Single Coffee Cup Maker – Deliver That Fantastic Coffee Experience to Your Residence

A single coffee cup maker is an invaluable asset any coffee lover hopes of owning. As opposed to the regular makers, this type enables you to brew a single cup at any given time.

Coffee Maker Buying Guide

So you have finally decided to invest in buying an espresso machine to decorate your kitchen. Now, the next step is to equip yourself with the proper knowledge that what features and characteristics you should look for while buying your first or second espresso machine. To help assist you in making this choice easier, here are some important features of an ideal espresso machine which you should look for once you are out on the hunt.

Is Coffee Good Or Bad For You? Are You Trying To Kick The Coffee Habit?

There are the ones that love it; others drink it for the sake of it and some think that they are addicted to it! It is a matter as how we look at it. Some see it as the devils beverage and others may say it’s rather a bogus. Being addicted or having allergic reactions, some people have certain sensitivity towards coffee; this is similar as being allergic to medications, soaps or creams. Addiction seems a strong word for it; there is often talk about addiction to sugar, nicotine, alcohol etc. Some elderly people may not tolerate coffee well, especially drinking it late in the afternoon or evening could interfere with a good night sleep. There are many conflicting reports about coffee such as high risk factor for coronary heart disease and also for many other health issues; some even suggest this beverage be better avoided. New health benefits are found almost every day as studies continue. Many times we read things we like to hear and other times we don’t.

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