Are Big Cups Of Keurig Coffee Really That Bad? A Visual Representation Of K-Cup Coffee

Lots of people like bold coffee that’s strong and others like it a bit weaker but even if you like your coffee a bit on the weak side I wanted to make this video to show you what those last few ounces of coffee coming out of your Keurig or K-Cup coffee maker actually look like.

In the video I suggest that you try this experiment yourself at home one day… for the fun of it. If you do try this then make sure to taste all the little cups; I guarantee you that as you start tasting the last bit of coffee coming out you’ll want to gag a bit. The first few ounces may be a bit strong for your liking but the last bit tastes horrendous.

► I always suggest my viewers here and readers of my website brew on the smaller cup size settings; make sure to see this video here on the channel for more about how to make better tasting coffee… even from your Keurig:

► Currently I’m brewing out of a few coffee makers regularly and my favorite at the moment is the Keurig K-Supreme Plus machine. You can see pricing for it through this Amazon affiliate link:

► If you are interested in which k-cups I brew with go ahead and give this post a look on my site. These are the biodegradable k-cups I like:

► And finally make sure to see the following page to learn more about me and what I do on this channel and in my real life:

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